Frequently Asked Questions


The data provided is reliable?
Absolutely yes! The data comes directly from the Italian national land register. If something is wrong, it’s a registry lack or error, not ours...

What provides the National inspection?
The National Inspection simply provides a summary page of all the buildings and land, allocated to the two lines, owned by an individual or a society, province by province. See the EXAMPLE.

Why then apply to you the development of the land registry records?
For a simple question of price! You will not find a lower price elsewhere. Anyway you are free to have them developed where you prefer...

The produced records are official documents?
Yes. They are exactly the same that you will receive from anyone else. Official, legally valid and on Revenue Agency letterhead and / or on Territory Agency letterhead.

Do you provide other cadastral services in addition to the National inspection and cadastral survey development?
No, we don’t provide blueprints, maps, etc.. However, we can recommend a company of our group who can take care if you need it...
Log on to their website here: Global Ghost Solutions™

Do you provide Mortgage deed services?
No, but we can recommend one of our group company that can take care if you need it ... Log on to their website here: Global Ghost Solutions™


How much does it cost to verify the national real properties of a person or company?
As mentioned, the cost is ONLY 1€ with us!

How much does it cost to develop the records found with the verification by ONLY 1€ ?
There isn’t a fixed price as the others do. If there is only one record, you will pay only for one; if there are 20 records to be developed, you'll pay for 20; however the cost of the operation is well explained in the page about cadastral records.

Is the cost for the national verification due even in case of negative outcome?
Yes, research has a cost of 1 €. Regardless of the outcome (positive or negative) and of the number of lands / buildings (the subject doesn’t have anything or he has 1,000 land / buildings), the cost is always and ONLY 1€!

Is the cost for the cadastral survey records development due even in the event of a negative outcome?
With US there isn’t a negative outcome in the development of cadastral survey records! If the national inspection for ONLY 1€ shows that there are no buildings/ land on behalf of the person / company, there is nothing else to do and there are no other costs;
on the contrary, if there are buildings/ land, you can go without fail on the province of interest for your records development

Are the prices inclusive of VAT and charges or are there hidden costs?
No hidden costs! € 1 and that's it! No VAT, no fees ... nothing else!


Might I have problems to interpret the results you send me?
Impossible! Our report is too simple and easy to read...

What happens after I got the results of the national cadastral survey verification?
If the result is positive (presence of properties), you can ask us to develop the records to have the data of real estate (cadastral identification code, land/estate area, address, attesting notary name, data of the deeds, proprietors, etc.); if the outcome is negative, you have solved your search spending
ONLY 1€ and not 10/15/20/25 € or even more that the others would ask you!

Shall I have trouble understanding the cadastral survey records development you sent me?
Certified cadastral survey records developments issued by the Italian Revenue Agency are easy to interpret ... however the identification cadastral codes for buildings, etc. can be difficult to understand for an inexperienced person... Ask Google!
On the Internet there are hundreds of sites that explain how to interpret the data!

Do you provide telephone support?
Unfortunately not ... regardless of the fact that there is very little on which to give assistance (everything is the ease of understanding), to attend the Clients would entail a considerable cost burden ... and so goodbye to
ONLY 1€ !

So how can I contact you if I need help?
Send us an email or contact us via the contact form! We will respond as soon as possible! In this way it is easier to manage the traffic and organize priorities... at the phone people "jump the line" and it's not fair... everyone has needs...
You can also start a live chat from contacts page. If someone is available we'll answer to your questions immediately.

I would like to speak to you and / or meet you in person to discuss the work. Is it possible?
Unfortunately no ... we do not have a structure with representatives and sales force on the ground ... too expensive!

I really have huge quantities to place (40/ 50/ 60,000)... it's not really possible to meet each other?
For a unit or one million requests the operation system to be performed is the same ... so for us nothing changes. See clients is a too high burden and, as already said, we are not structured for it. For quantities so important anyway write us first! It’s a work that requires organization and a work program.


Do you give invoices for the sum paid?
Absolutely yes! If you want the invoice, ask for it. No problems...

When and how do I get my invoice?
If you have requested an invoice, you receive it by email within a couple of days after your payment. Please note that invoices are not issued automatically to all payments! If you want it, ask for it. A simple email or a message via the contact form are sufficient ... Be sure to communicate the information necessary to recognize your order and those for the header of the receipt ...

I haven’t received the invoice, why?
If you have successfully requested the invoice and have given the necessary data, the invoice was issued. Check your SPAM!

Where do you are issue your invoice from? Could I have trouble to account for it?
As Commonwealth of Dominica company, our invoices come from there. To account for them, do not worry ... you can freely make business with any company of the world. You will receive your tax-free invoice and you'll take our cost as a deduction without any problem.


When do I pay?
You pay when you order.

Why do I have to pay before?
Why should you pay later?

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal or cryptocurrencies. No cash, no checks, no bank wire, no money orders, no money transfer (Western Union, Money Gram, etc.).

How do I run an order with payment by cryptocurrencies?
During order procedure select the relative payment option. You'll receive by email the BTC address and the amount of BTC to transfer.

I do not have a credit / debit card to pay or PayPal does not accept my card. How can I do?
In the event that there are problems in the payment by PayPal (it happens sometimes that their system is on the blink) please write us. If together we can’t resolve the problem, you can easily pay via cryptocurrencies.

Delivery and communications

How long does it take to process the information?
Normally the national inspections are processed on the same day of the order (if the payment has been received). For orders sent in the late afternoon or out of office hours, evasion takes place the following day.
However, the development of land records surveys can take 24 hours... often we can evade them daily too, but if something goes wrong with the Land Registry Agency we need just a little more time...

How are the results processed?
When the report will be ready, we'll sent it to you by email to the given email address.

How are shipped large quantities of inspections?
For orders of large quantities of the inspections, they are processed in groups, just when ready. Depending on the numbers of the inspections, processing and evasion may take more days. Instead of individual PDF file (see sample report) we could use Excel files (.xls or .xlsx).

I did not receive the information, why?
If you have properly signed the order and made the payment that is virtually impossible. Contact us to check what happened. But first check your SPAM! It's almost certain that our email with your access credentials to our cloud is there!

I do not receive answers to my email, why?
First of all, bear with us for 24-48 hours in order to give us time to process your request... If beyond this timeframe you have not been answered, it is possible that your SPAM filter has blocked it; look into your SPAM folder if our email is there... It could also be that your email didn’t arrive us... Write to us using the contact form for overcoming this problem.

Are you convinced now ??
Only 1 coffee to convince yourself!