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General Conditions


These Terms and Conditions govern all relations between the customer and Metel Ltd. .
Hereafter, for ease of reading, we will call the customer with the word "Customer" and Metel Ltd. under the trading name of "Geko visure catastali".

The customer who decides to use the services that Geko visure catastali, promotes and advertises through this web site is encouraged to read these Terms and Conditions, which must be read, understood and shared in their entirety.
Failure by the Customer to inspect these GTC does not relieve him from tacitly endorse them in their entirety, whereas he orders any product and / or service from Geko visure catastali.

In the event that the Customer does not understand and / or share one or more points of these General Conditions, he is invited to request clarification and / or not to use the services offered.



01.1 These Terms and Conditions are an integral and inseparable part of any order signed by the Customer; any order to Geko visure catastali must always comply with these Terms and Conditions;

01.2  The Customer is obliged to read, understand and share in their totality these Terms and Conditions before any order and / or payment to Geko visure catastali;

01.3  Any order, warrant, payment, etc. subjected and / or sent to Geko visure catastali implies a tacit confirmation and approval by the Customer of these General Conditions, in their entirety and without reservation;

01.4 As described in point 03.5, these General Conditions remain in full force in their entirety.


02.1  The services offered on this website are widely explained to the Customer as much as possible from Geko visure catastali. It remains obligation of the Customer to always make sure that the service ordered from Geko visure catastali is actually suited to his needs;

02.2  If the product received is not suitable to the expected result, the Customer is the sole responsible; as indicated in point 02.1, he is solely responsible and must request Geko visure catastali any clarification he needs to dispel his doubts, before signing any order;

02.3  In the event of what described at points 02.1 and 02.2, the Customer is not entitled to any refund and / or compensation;

02.4  In the event of what described at point 02.12, the Customer is not entitled to any compensation of any kind, except the refund of only the amount paid by him;

02.5  With the signing of a collective or individual order, the Customer undertakes to make payment as quickly as possible. It’s clear to the Customer that orders not paid within 5 working days will be canceled;

02.6  In the event of a canceled order for any reason, you generate a cost for Geko visure catastali; this cost will be charged and asked to the Customer, who is bound to pay the amount due without reservations;

02.7  The commissioning of processing of orders takes place only after successful payment collection; in any event Geko visure catastali performs operations without having obtained from the Customer the full balance of their entitlements;

02.8 Geko visure catastali accepts orders (of all kinds, quantities and / or amount) only through its online order form available at this web site and / or by regular mail to his official email address; no other order form is acceptable, under any circumstances;

02.9  Geko visure catastali reserves the right to refuse an order at its sole discretion and without any obligation to provide an explanation to the Customer. In this case, the amount paid will be returned in its entirety to the Customer (less any transaction costs imposed by PayPal, if any); single reimbursement method is through PayPal (another ref. at point 03.3);

02.10  Geko visure catastali doesn’t provide free information for testing our validity;

02.11  The responsibility of the correctness of the transmitted data for the researches is the only Customer’s charge. Geko visure catastali doesn’t verify the validity of the data provided, but processes them as they come from the Customer. Geko visure catastali disclaims any liability for any typing errors or other data transmitted, as in the case of incorrect results due to upstream data communication errors by the Customer;

02.12  The Customer who subscribes to an order in the situation described in points 05.2 and 05.3 will be from Geko visure catastali informed promptly and he may choose to accept the increase or to request cancellation of the order.


03.1  Payment of the order must be made simultaneously to the order. Where this is not possible for reasons of force majeure, the Customer must comply with payment no later than 5 working days from the order; under penalty of cancellation of the order (other ref. point 02.5);

03.2  Following points 02.7 and 03.1 we clarify that the payments are anticipated for the full amount at the time of the order, regardless of the total amount of the order. No payment in installments and / or deferral of payment is accepted for any amount and / or quantitative. No subsequent payment and / or delivery / fulfillment order is accepted, for no amount, no quantitative and / or anything else;

03.3  The method of payment accepted (and more generally of transaction) by Geko visure catastali is only by credit card (through Paypal), directly by Paypal account or by cryptocurrencies (BTC);

03.4  Geko visure catastali does not directly handle the sensitive payment data (credit card payments). Only PayPal processes these data and it’s its sole responsibility in case of crimes and / or leakage/ interception of the data of your credit card is sole responsibility of PayPal, and with PayPal only it must be resolved. Geko visure catastali disclaims any responsibility in this regard;

03.5 The Customer has the option to activate a prepaid account (prepaid credit) for the purpose of, but not limited to, reducing the time of commissioning work (point 02.7), reduce any payment commissions, billing reasons, reasons of personal comfort, etc.;


04.1  Geko visure catastali issues invoices from Commonwealth of Dominica. Geko visure catastali does not respond in any way for any non-deductibility of its invoices, or for any tax, administrative and accounting problem or anything else arising from their registration;

04.2  Invoices issued by Geko visure catastali are exempt from VAT;

04.3  Geko visure catastali emits their bills as a result of the amounts paid. Their emissions before payment are not contemplated because they aren’t necessary for payments by credit card;

04.4  Geko visure catastali does not issue pro forma invoices;

04.5  Geko visure catastali though bound to issue an invoice for the amount collected, has no obligation to submit such a document to the Customer; if the Customer desires the tax document, he must make explicit request;

04.6  Invoices are sent to the Customer only by email in PDF format.


05.1  Unless otherwise indicated, the prices shown in this web site are all duties and charges (more generically taxes) included;

05.2  In the event of a price increase not shown promptly on these web site pages, the new price still comes into full force, replacing the previous one;

05.3  In the event of what written at point 05.2, the old price ceases its commercial constraint immediately regardless of exposure provided on this website.


06.1  The result of the researching data and inspections performed by Geko visure catastali come directly from the official source (Italian Revenue Agency) and are updated according to the update of the latter's database. Geko visure catastali declines any responsibility for errors, omissions and / or inaccuracies in the data held in the above-mentioned database, postponing the sole responsibility of the operator of the data (IRA);

06.2  Geko visure catastali doesn’t respond in any case for any kind of damage caused to the Customer as a result of the data provided; at point 06.1 the only responsible for the management of data provided by Geko visure catastali is the Italian Revenue Agency;

06.3  Even if ascertained error, failure and / or data deletion to the client, Geko visure catastali cannot be guilty of any responsibility as it merely collects the data available and provided by IRA and delivers them to the customer without any manipulation. No refunds and / or compensation is then recognized by Geko visure catastali to the Customer for third-party failures;

06.4 Once delivered by Geko visure catastali, the data provided are owned by the Client, who can freely use them.


07.1 The processed data are delivered to you via email only. No other method of delivery is taken into account;

07.2  For recurring contracts with bulk orders Geko visure catastali will consider the creation of a cloud connection system with the Customer, in order to optimize the delivery of the data;

07.3 It’s sole responsibility of the Customer to make sure to be able to receive email communications from Geko visure catastali; in this case the customer is required to take all necessary precautions (antivirus settings, spam settings, black / white list, etc.) in order to receive our emails without any problems and / or delays. Geko visure catastali disclaims any responsibility in this regard;

07.4  In the event of disruptions as in points 07.3 and / or 07.7 the customer is not entitled to any compensation and / or reimbursement;

07.5  In terms of time, the delivery of services promoted by Geko visure catastali generally takes place during the same working day of the order (with payment with received) or otherwise during the business day of the payment (for late payment). However, processing can take up to 24 hours;
Therefore, the general deadline for delivery is the latter;

07.6  Deadline described at point 07.5 does not apply to quantities of more than 50 units / day, except for planned orders / quantities;

07.7  The terms described at point 07.5, except as excluded at point 07.6, apply to orders received in business days and by 12.00 (GMT);

07.8  In the event of unavailability of IRA services that causes a late delivery to the Customer of the ordered data, Geko visure catastali disclaims any subjective responsibility and excludes any kind of compensation and / or reimbursement to the Customer;

07.9  Even in the event of what is described at point 07.8 the Customer has no faculty to cancel the order that will be processed as soon as the IRA services will be back online and available;

07.10  As regards point 07.6, the method and terms of delivery shall be established and agreed in writing between the parties before the start of the service administration;

07.11  In case of lack of what is described at point 10.7, the terms and methods of delivery are at the discretion of Geko visure catastali, according to the amount of work.


08.1  All products and services offered by Geko visure catastali are considered customized products;

08.2  Therefore in accordance with point 08.1 any right of withdrawal is possible neither for private Customer, nor for Customers holder of VAT;

08.3  Following the order and payment, the task can no longer be canceled for any reason. The customer will still receive the results ordered / purchased and will not be entitled to any refund and / or compensation, in any case.


09.1 All notices, sent to us via online forms on this website and / or via email, are not subject to any form of encryption. The Customer is the sole responsible for the security of their communications. Geko visure catastali disclaims any liability in case of interception and / or tampering of communications;

09.2 All notices, sent from us by e-mail, are not subject to any form of encryption. The Customer is the sole responsible for the security of their communications. Geko visure catastali disclaims any liability in case of interception and / or tampering of communications;

09.3 In view of the commitment and the precautions taken by Geko visure catastali to ensure the genuineness and safety of any email communication (and their attachments) sent, they cannot be held liable for any damage caused to the Customer or the User for viruses and / or other malware present without their knowledge in one or more communications and / or files sent;

09.4 The Client or any other User will be reported and prosecuted according to law in case of sending us any infected content.


10.1 All contents of this web space, except those uploaded by Users, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, icons, images, data compilation, layout of pages, source code and software, are the property of Geko visure catastali, its affiliates, subsidiaries and / or parent or related third party. Customer and all Users agree that such material is protected by international laws on copyright and / or other relevant laws. It is forbidden to reproduce, copy, distribute, store and / or in any other way to reuse any content of this website without the expressed written consent;

10.2 This web page may contain external links to other Web sites. These websites may be under the control of Geko visure catastali or not; however Geko visure catastali assumes no responsibility for any type and form of damage and / or loss of data resulting from the use of such third party sites, nor for their content;

10.3 Geko visure catastali does not ensure that this website is compatible with all operating systems and / or web Client, that it is secure and that all information provided herein is accurate and reliable. Geko visure catastali makes no guarantee as to the possible RESULT arising from the use of this web site, and more generally of the service offered;

10.4 Geko visure catastali does not ensure that this website is secure and free of errors, viruses, and other malware; all Users are advised to take precautions to protect themselves, their personal data and their computers;

10.5 Geko visure catastali does not ensure that the services offered through this web site are free of defects and / or errors, and that this website will always be available without interruption. Geko visure catastali disclaims any liability in case of unavailability (partial or total) of this web space due to external events such as, but not limited to, poor service provider ISP, inefficiency of the hosting service providers, network outages, inefficiencies of power grid, natural events, acts of war, legal restrictions, censorship, etc. ;

10.6 Geko visure catastali reserves the right to alter, suspend or discontinue any part (or the whole) of this web site. These conditions of business nevertheless remain in full force and effect regardless of this.


11.1  Geko visure catastali, as a Commonwealth of Dominica company, dealing basically only with Italy, respects the Italian holiday calendar and closures. They are considering as working days (always excluding Saturday and Sunday) every day of the year designated as banking day due to the official Italian calendar;

11.2  Official timetable of the company is the Greenwich one; the reference time zone is GMT; the indication of any time in this site is in 24-hour format (it’s not adopted the 12-hour format - am/pm);

11.3  These Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in Italian; any translations can be published. In case of discrepancy between this version in Italian and any other version, the Italian version prevails (unless otherwise stated);

11.4 If one or more items of these Terms is held invalid or non-executable in one part or in its entirety, by an Act or law, the remaining entries remain in full force and effect;

11.5 A partial disability of these General Conditions shall not affect in any way the contract between Geko visure catastali and the Customer;

11.6 Geko visure catastali nhas no obligation to notify the Customer or third parties, the variation of these Terms and Conditions; it’s sole Customer's responsibility to determine, whenever He places an order, His acceptance and share these General Conditions in their entirety;

11.7  Laws of Commonwealth of Dominica govern every order and/or contract between the Customer and Geko visure catastali and both the parties are being subjected to the same agreement, without reservation. In case of dispute, the competent forum will be domiciled in Commonwealth of Dominica. The Customer, if for a law of his country has the right to decide the competent Court for the dispute, expressly waives this right and accept without reservation to go back to Commonwealth of Dominica Court;

11.8  In the event of a debt situation of the Customer against Geko visure catastali, the Customer accepts unreservedly to be called upon to pay, in addition to the amount due, the administrative cost of each payment reminder sent to him, quantified here in € 18.00 (Euro eighteen / 00);

11.9  Geko visure catastali monthly speeds up the Customer for any outstanding amounts;

11.10  The defaulting Customer will be subject to legal action, with the counterpart Geko visure catastali (also called Geko Limited), after 3 months (three) after the date of the first reminder sent to him; the Customer is aware and accepts without reservation that he will also be required to pay, in addition to all legal costs involved, and any costs incurred by Geko visure catastali with debt collection companies aimed to the same credit recovery due from the Customer;

11.11 These Terms and Conditions shall come into force with full effect at one minute past midnight (00:01) of the day below indicated.