Italian land registry nationwide inspection

Geko visure catastali gives his clients a sole and unique service that anyone else offers: a nation wide inspection (Trento and Bolzano provinces excluded for their particular register system collection called “Partita Tavolare”) about every property a legal or natural person has.
By this service, without developing any document, the client can know which lands and/or buildings a person or a company has all over the nation; the information is given with the exact distinction (n° of lands and/or n° of buildings) province by province.
Briefly the client has a clear and precise situation of the investigated subject’s real estate spending ONLY 1€ (VAT and charges included)!

By all the classic services of cadastral records searches at provincial and/or nationwide level our competitors offer, the client spends between 6.00 and 17.08 Euros on average for knowing the subject’s real estate situation in only an Italian province.
But if he wants a nationwide situation this cost rises between 10.98 and 26.95 Euros.


Suppose we have a claim towards a person or a company and we want to verify their real estate situation in order to recover our credit by foreclosing and / or mortgaging their existing properties...
Relying on any online company, investigative agency or any other cadastral records searcher they surely will propose us a national search (provinces of Trento and Bolzano excluded) to find out the real properties of the person or company.
As you can see in the summary table below, we will spend between € 10.98 and € 26.95 (including VAT and charges) to obtain the desired data.
Suppose hence we choose among the many available services the one we prefer and we order and pay the relevant sum for the search.

What do we get?
A) if we are lucky and the person or company has at least one land or one building, we will have grounds to proceed with the legal practice;
B) if we are not lucky (it often happens with debtors) the result will be negative which means they don’t own any real estate.

In both cases, we will have spent a sum between € 10.98 and € 26.95 ... but we will be quite unhappy for that especially if the result is that they don’t own any real estate. It will be from 11€ to 27€ thrown away!

Now imagine you can do THE SAME SEARCH, but spending ONLY 1 EURO !!!

This is what Geko is offering you!

Still not convinced?? ...You want to think about it ??

The outcomes

Once sent the CF (Italian Personal Fiscal Code) of the person or of the company to be investigated and made the payment, the outcomes arrive in no time. IN THE SAME DAY you will have the information you need!
If the person or the company has real estate properties, we will tell you how many lands and buildings they have, province by province.
If the person or company has no real estate... you will have spent ONLY 1€ and not 10, 15, 20, 25 or even more!

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The market

For transparency we have grouped the prices of the main interlocutors present on the market in this table (the first 10 pages on Google search):

National inspection
National Cadastral records
Province Cadastral records
Subscription required

Geko visure catastali
€ 1,00
--- € 16,44
€ 16,44
--- € 18,30
€ 10,98
--- € 22,98
€ 15,66
--- not promoted € 6,30
--- € 20,74
€ 15,25
€ 9,15
€ 24,40 € 9,15
NO --- € 10,98 € 7,93 NO --- (#) € 19,52 NO
not promoted € 11,10
--- not promoted € 12,20 NO
--- not promoted € 12,20 NO
--- € 20,74
€ 15,25
--- € 17,08
€ 11,59
--- not promoted € 15,90
--- not promoted € 6,50
--- not promoted
€ 6,50
--- € 16,90
€ 7,90
NO --- € 15,80 € 9,12 NO --- not promoted € 6,00 NO --- € 18,30 € 17,08 NO --- € 20,13 € 11,59 NO
--- € 17,97
€ 9,43
NO --- € 26,95 not promoted NO

(#) Not considered as it is a different product (TN and BZ research included!); the sterile comparison of the price would have penalized the company that actually provides a different service than the others.
Verification of the provinces of Trento and Bolzano always excluded, except (#).
All prices are including VAT and charges, E & OE. Last survey of prices: 13.04.2016 .
All the companies give a limit to the real estate found beyond which the customer must pay a surcharge. WE DO NOT!
We ignored the companies that didn’t supply the search for lands and for buildings in a single product, as well as those where it was not clear if the price was VAT and charges included.

Don’t hide behind an excuse! The prices are 100% real and they were collected directly from their sites where they advertise publicly prices and services. No hidden names or corrupted links! ... If you don’t believe, check yourself! (but pay attention to the notes written in smaller font... many of them show the price VAT and charges excluded!)

Cadastral records details


If you got this far and you're still not convinced you are hopelessly skeptical! Seeing is believing!

Unlimited potential savings!
Only 1 EURO per name!